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We have been delighted with the quality of the fittings and the functionality of the sensors, as well as the professionalism of the Smart Electrical team.

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Use intelligent control for greater savings

With a Smart Electrical installation 70% + Savings is achievable. Click on the film clip below it shows an example of how lighting sensors can perform.

The most efficient buildings use a variety of sensors and controls to manage
energy use.

“Smart Electrical offered the best solution with the fastest payback, they also
worked closely with us to analyse our needs and design the optimum control
solution for our heating & lighting”
Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Our expert knowledge allows us to combine the best control options for
your facility at the right cost.

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Sensors can automatically respond to occupant activity and daylight
availability, you can set them up to your exact requirements allowing you full
management control

We have all types of solution that will work for you

Occupancy Sensors - also know as motion sensors can switch a light on    and more importantly turn lights off after a pre determined time if no one is present – a 100% saving. These sensors can be installed in new and existing systems.

  Suitable for many applications and areas include: * Stairs * Corridors * Toilets
* Offices *Warehouses * Outside areas (dual benefit as a security measure)

Daylight Sensors - Most commercial buildings receive a significant amount of natural daylight throughout the year. During these periods where natural light is present electric lighting can be reduced or eliminated.

  Implementing daylight controls allows a system to automatically respond to
natural light levels and dim/shutoff electric lights accordingly.

  Using Sensors extends system life cycles and reduces maintenance.

Would you like to know more about how you can save your organisation thousands of pounds and tonnes of carbon?

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“The lighting scheme installed gives us complete management of the fittings so if we want to set up an area for storage lighting levels or precision assembly the solution they offered will allow this, its only a quick zap on a controller. This has future proofed our areas for many years to come.”

Interest free loan with the

Most organisations can access interest free money from the Carbon Trust to bank roll any improvements we do.

You pay them back from the savings
you make, it won't harm your cash flow
and in many cases you are cash flow
positive from the off.

We can help you apply for a loan

Tax benefits availible

Many of our products and installation qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances for Energy-Saving Investments under the HM Revenue & Customs scheme.

This allows you to write off the full cost of the equipment and other costs directly involved in installing it against the taxable profits of the period in which the investment is made.

This makes a good investment even better.